Forklift Training

Basic | Conversion | Refresher

Forklift training is Beginner and refresher and under the RTITB guidelines. (RTITB being a HSA recognised body).

Our training Courses cover a range of different types of forklifts including:

  • Counterbalance Forklifts

  • Reach Trucks

  • VNA Trucks

  • Combi Lifts

  • Stacker Trucks

  • Power Pallet Trucks

  • Bendi Trucks

  • Aisle-Masters

Different forklift certificate courses are offered for the different types of forklifts.

All Forklift training is conducted under RTITB guidelines and the Approved Code of Practice for Forklift training (HSA approved) and is RTITB and/or Lantra accredited.

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Forklift Training Refresher

MI Safety and Training Services provides clients with complete forklift training refresher courses in Kerry. These courses are available for both types of forklift trucks e.g. Counterbalance and Reach.

Our forklift training refresher courses are available to individuals who have adequate basic training. This course is designed for individuals who have previously been certified but now require an update of their skills.
This update is necessary if there has been a long interval between training, if a skill update is required, or if changes to work practices or the forklift vehicles being used have occurred.

A refresher course may also be necessary if there is sufficient evidence of deterioration in the operator’s performance.

Under the current Code of Practice, refresher courses are required after every 3 years to keep your Forklift Certificate valid.

Forklift Training for Experienced Trainees

We provide clients with a forklift operating course designed for trainees who already possess forklift operating experience.
Forklift driving is a specialised skill that requires diligence and a broad understanding of the risks and dangers inherent in operating this specialised equipment.
Our forklift training course for experienced trainees equips forklift drivers with essential safety skills take place in Kerry.

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Forklift Training for Beginners/Novices

This course is designed for absolute beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of operating a forklift.
This course is available to individuals who achieve the required standard in the theoretical and practical tests.
Beginners will learn how to:

  • Operate a Forklift Safely

  • Use safe operating habits

  • Understand and be able to explain the consequences of taking certain chances.

  • Safe Unloading and loading

  • Safe refuel/recharge practices

  • How to handle abnormally shaped loads

Forklift Training

Code of Practice for Rider-Operated Lift Trucks: Operator
Training and Supplementary Guidance

This Code of Practice contains detailed guidance about all areas of training forklift truck drivers.

Year : 2002
This can be downloaded from the HSA website

Training of operators

The training of operators should always include the three stages of training:
Basic training – the basic skills and knowledge required for safe operation;
Specific job training – knowledge of workplace and experience of any special needs and handling attachments;
Familiarisation training – operation on the job under close supervision. The first two stages are sometimes combined or integrated but should always be off the job. The Code of Practice covers basic training but some supplementary guidance on this is included below.
For new operators a 3 –5 day course is required
Refresher training is usually required after 3 years and is a 1 day course
Conversion training - (training on a different machine) is normally a 1 day course