Manual Handling Training Kerry

Manual handling activity poses a potential workplace hazard when heavy loads are handled incorrectly which can lead to individuals becoming seriously injured.

MI Safety and Training Service provide FETAC Level 6 manual handling training in Kerry to help learners understand the risks of manual handling and how to avoid injury when carrying out their duties.

Our manual handling training in Kerry helps participants identify possible injury risks while also preparing them on how to lift objects properly.

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Our Manual Handling Course Covers

Our Manual Handling Course Covers

  • Correct and proper manual handling techniques

  • Correct manual handling techniques

  • Risk assessments

  • Risks of pushing and pulling, if applicabl

  • The anatomy of the human spine and the fundamentals of human movement

  • The fundamentals of proper manual handling

  • The importance of following the correct procedure

  • The manual handling of pallets

  • Understanding capacities

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