Safety Statements

MI Safety and Training Services can assist clients in achieving and maintaining their legally binding safety statement through meta analysis and risk assessments. A safety statement reflects a company or organisation's commitment to the health and safety of employees.

The safety statement should outline how the employer will maintain and review health and safety laws. The statement must be specific to the unique site and kept up to date in order to remain legally competency.

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Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is an essential part of the safety statement. A safety statement must be based on the identification of potential workplace hazards and a full and frank assessment of how these hazards present. It should also contain details of what procedures are in place to manage these risks.
The safety statement and the risk assessment must be completed by a competent person.

MI Safety and Training Services has a team of highly qualified and experienced health and safety specialists that are available to help your company achieve and maintain its safety standards, and safety paperwork.